Microsurgery is one of the few medical areas in which Australia is a world leader. The steady flow of funds from the O'Brien Foundation to the O'Brien Institute over the years is one of the reasons for this pre-eminence.  The O'Brien Foundation is a charitable, voluntary non-profit organisation administered by a board, Chaired by Mr Campbell Walker.  It has tax free status and all donations are tax deductible.

The main aim is to raise Funds for research, equipment and building infrastructure for the Institute.
Only with the help of funds raised by the O'Brien Foundation can the Institute maintain its international leadership and continue to advance microsurgical knowledge through hard,  laboratory based work and clinical programmes.

Recently the Foundation has been supported by our voluntary Fundraising Group, The Hummingbird Ambassadors.

This is a small group of experienced fundraising volunteers led by Julie Leeming, DSJ, who assist the marvellous work of the O'Brien Foundation supporting the O'Brien Institute. The group was formed in early 2010 and has been extremely active and successful in organising stylish lunches with a difference and the inaugural annual dinner.

Lunches have been diverse and have included a Ruby Anniversary, Festive Lunches, hat parades, Keon Couture fashion parades, guest speakers and performers.  Jennifer Hanson, Yvonne Bornstein, the Hon. Ken Smith M.P. Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Peter Coyne, Institute scientists and Professor Morrison have all been entertaining speakers. Contributing significantly to the success of these events have been extremely talented entertainers including Extraordinary Acts, Darryl and Harmony Lovegrove, String Fever, and Rhonda Burchmore.

The O'Brien Foundation and the Hummingbird Ambassadors have been delighted to welcome Mrs Elizabeth Chernov, Mrs Jan De Kretser, Mrs Lynne Landy, Mrs Terry Bracks, Dee Dee Dunleavy and Greta Donaldson as special guests at these lunches.

The Hummingbird Ambassadors are proud of their achievements and have raised over  $300,000 and gathered a wide network of friends and supporters during the last three and half years, and has already embarked on another exciting year of fundraising for 2014.  This valuable funding helps support the O’Brien Institute in its endeavours in medical research.

The Hummingbird Ambassadors are:- Julie Leeming DSJ Hon. Chair,  Janet Spooner DGSJ Hon. Wendy Cheng DSJ, Floria Baccini , Christine Carroll, Rosalie Heymanson, Sylvia Lau, Denise Lord, Wendy MacLean, Thelma Petersen and Zoe Walsh.

If you are interested in attending one of these fabulous events, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.who will be happy to assist you.




Are you a member of a club or organisation that is looking for a guest speaker? Then look no further. The O'Brien Foundation has excellent speakers who are able and willing to address your members. All we ask is for a warm welcome, an attentive audience and maybe a cup of tea.

To arrange a guest speaker, please contact Tiffany Tran on: 9288-4047.


Would you like to visit the O'Brien Institute? We would be delighted to show you the wonderful and ground-breaking work being undertaken at OBI. Tours can be arranged during the day or if you prefer, in the early evening, and we can accommodate groups of up to twenty people. Smaller groups are also welcome. Our tours take approximately one hour.

Please contact Tiffany Tran on 9288 4047 if you are interested in taking a tour.


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